NAIAS x Rebel Nell - Rebel Nell

NAIAS x Rebel Nell

It wouldn't be the Motor City without Auto Prom. 

If you attended the 2019 North American International Auto Show Charity Preview, you may have seen some familiar fashion floating around in the crowd. To join in on the NAIAS fun, our team of fashion-forward Creative Designers created special one-of-a-kind statement pieces to wow on the red carpet. 


Left: Rhonda Walker + Kim DeGiuilo (WDIV Channel 4) slaying in our Karen Earrings
Right: Gina Coleman (PNC) looking fierce in our Bold Collection Collar


Many of these pieces were crafted from multiple layers and slabs of graffiti, and took several weeks to create. Being based Detroit, Rebel Nell was proud to welcome newcomers, long-time fans, and our local favorites to the city, and even more proud to adorn them with truly unique jewelry that supports members of our vibrant community.


Left: Nicole Bopp (our badass wholesale rep) with the very first pair of
Karen Earrings made by our OG Creative Designer, Karen, + a Bold Collection Collar
Upper Right: Squad goals with George + Julia Lenyo (EY), Matt + Angie Kelly (EY),
and Antonio Lück (Endeavor Detroit) + Amy Peterson (Rebel Nell QUEEN)
Lower Right: Candice Bowman (Lambert, Edwards & Associates) rocking the Clover Earrings 



These out-of-this-world pendants and earrings were designed entirely by our Creative Designers, under the direction of our fearless Production Manager, Azzie. Much like our designers, these pieces are here to be seen, and are unapologetically one of no other kind.


Left: The lovely Katie Katz (JP Morgan) looking fab with our Karen Earrings
Right: Beth Dryden (Blue Cross Blue Shield) with one of our show-stopping Bold Collection Collars

If you would like more information on how to rent a piece of the Statement Collection for future events, please reach out at More information on this program will be available in the coming months!

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