Our Story

Our company and our jewelry, just like each of us, are comprised of layers. we highlight the layers in all of us that make us unique.

Our Mission

Rebel Nell exists to provide employment, equitable opportunity, and wraparound support for women with barriers to employment.

By repurposing meaningful materials into wearable art, we mark life’s important moments and connect them to your personal journey.

We seek to embolden women, to embrace their infinite strength, and to define their own future. Our jewelry serves as a reminder that there is power in being 


Our Ethos

Our Why

We believe that by building a community - a sisterhood we can liberate women from those societal expectatons and uplift each other, together.

What We Do

We provide employment, equitable opportunity, and the tools and resources for women to actualize their potential, to build confidence, and become self-sufficient through creativity and community.

How We Do It

By creating distinctive jewelry made from repurposed graffiti and materials, we create one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. We liberate art from rubble and women from the confines.

We Build a Community - A Sisterhood
We Build a Community
- A Sisterhood

We believe in developing a strong sisterhood of people who empower, celebrate, and drive independence - of their own expectations, of history's expectations, and society's expectations.

We Are Disruptors
We Are Disruptors

From our aspirational business model to the artistic discovery set inside each and every Rebel Nell piece, we set out to make progress for our people and our product.

We Are Intentional
We Are Intentional

Each and every piece we create is founded in intention and belief. We believe greatly in the physical power of blending history and carrying it into the future both literally (with our jewelry) and systemically in our mission work.

We Have Purpose
We Have Purpose

Our purpose has depth and meaning. Beyond our jewelry, we aim to embolden all women to see their own worth. This purpose drives our interactions with those we employ through our mission and our customers through our service.