Introducing the Karen Collection

It's always exciting when we have new products to share with the world, but even more exciting when those products carry a deeper meaning near and dear to our hearts. Our new Karen Collection is a very special tribute to a woman that was a key part of the Rebel Nell origin story. Karen was one of the very first Creative Designers at Rebel Nell, and before she became our first graduate, she pioneered this signature style of earrings made from graffiti jewelry. We are incredibly proud of her accomplishments, and we are excited to pay tribute to her with this special, limited-run collection of statement earrings that aren't afraid to stand out and be bold.

Here's what Karen had to say about her experience at Rebel Nell and her namesake collection!

How would you describe your time at Rebel Nell?

Karen: It’s a family-oriented business that assists people in eliminating barriers to become productive individuals.

When you were working at Rebel Nell, you were like the Mother Hen of the group, always making sure that everyone was doing their best and being taken care of. You really set the tone for the group. Did you understand your impact and responsibility at the time?

Karen: Yes, absolutely. I believe in helping people, and that’s what Rebel Nell is all about. I looked at Amy and Diana and saw that they were trying to help others too, so I did my part to help.

How does it feel to have a collection made for you?

Karen: I feel honored. 

What inspired you to create the original statement drop earrings?

Karen: When talking with the woman who wanted the custom earrings in this style, she talked about them having a lot of movement, and being big and flashy. I wanted to create something for her that was special and one of a kind.

What do you hope for the people who put on a piece of Rebel Nell jewelry?

Karen: I want them to know that Rebel Nell is all about teamwork and making dreams come true. I hope they know that we thought a lot about them and made that piece just for them.

Where are you now? Where do you want to go?

Karen: I am still working at Central City Integrated Health (an organization provides high-quality health care and housing to Detroit families), and helping give support to individuals returning from prison. I love what I do, and I recognize that it takes a lot of compassion from everyone who works there to do what we do. My next goal is to own my own business that helps returning citizens, specifically with mental illnesses.


We are so incredibly proud of Karen, and are happy to honor her with a collection in her name. To shop the Karen Collection, click here.

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