Young Rebels

Celebrate Uniqueness with a Young Rebels Jewelry-Making Party!

Looking for an extraordinary way to celebrate your child's birthday or special occasion? Also the perfect activity for girl scout troops with badge earning opportunities. Book a Young Rebels experience today! We provide everything you need: tools, expert instruction, and beautiful finished bracelets. You bring the kids, and we'll ensure they have an unforgettable time!

Build Self-Confidence and Celebrate Your Uniqueness
Our signature experience goes beyond just making jewelry. Each participant will create their own mini mural, a personalized artwork that serves as a canvas for self-expression. Through this creative process, we encourage children to tap into their self-confidence and celebrate what makes them unique.

Perfect for Ages 8-16 and All Genders

Our experiences are tailored to suit different age groups, ensuring that every child has a fantastic time.

Pricing: Starting at $75 per person.

Express Creativity

Kids will design and paint their own mini murals, reflecting their individual personalities.

Build Confidence

This activity is designed to help children recognize and celebrate their unique qualities

Design Their Own Jewelry

Kids will design their own bracelet from their mini mural.

Custom Keepsake Bracelet

This piece of jewelry will serve as a daily reminder to embrace and celebrate their uniqueness. It will be mailed after the party.

Additional Options

Add on a Large Mural custom designed for your child or Entrepreneurial Experience to enhance this one of a kind event!

Entrepreneurial Exercise: Run a Candy Company

Enhance the fun and learning with our entrepreneurial exercise! Kids will get hands-on experience in running a candy company. They’ll learn everything from designing their own candy bars to pricing and pitching their products.

  • Business Skills: Understand the basics of product design, pricing strategies, and sales pitches.
  • Creative Design: Kids can unleash their creativity in designing their candy bars.
  • Sweet Success: Enjoy the candy they create and pitch – candy is included!
  • An additional $15 per person

Custom Mural Option: A Collective Masterpiece

Add an extra layer of excitement with our custom 2x 3 mural option! This collaborative activity allows everyone at the party to contribute to a large mural filled with special messages for the birthday child.

  • Team Effort: Each guest adds their own touch, painting and writing special messages on the mural.
  • Surprise and Delight: At the end of the party, a hidden special message is revealed from the mural, creating a memorable surprise for everyone.
  • Lasting Memory: The finished mural becomes a beautiful piece of wall art, a keepsake for your child to cherish forever.
  • $250 for mural

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This is more than just a party; it's an opportunity for personal growth and lasting memories.
Book now to give your child the best of both worlds – creativity and celebration!