Custom Gifting

Turn your meaningful material such as; children’s artwork, dried flowers, wedding dress, or any other treasured materials into unique, wearable memories.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Choose from our curated selection of stunning jewelry pieces online, designed to be the canvas for your meaningful material.

Step 2: Mail the meaningful material or artwork to Rebel Nell Headquarters at 1314 Holden St Detroit, MI 48202

Step 3: Our team of skilled creative designers will use a piece of your meaningful material/artwork to create the jewelry from Step 1 and ship it to you!

Step 4: Enjoy your unique items designed by you! Each piece is not only a beautiful accessory, but also a cherished keepsake that you’ll treasure forever. The original meaningful material/artwork minus the love we borrowed will be returned with the jewelry.

**Each order takes2-3 weeks for our team to create your custom project and ship it out. Bring in or mail your material with your order number and our team of creative designers will start working their magic.

See bottom of the page to preview past custom orders! 
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    Introducing our exclusive Custom Gifting: Turn your meaningful materials into unique, wearable memories. Whether it’s a tie, military jacket, wedding dress, child’s artwork, or any other cherished item, we’ll craft it into a beautiful piece you can hold close every day. Make your story a part of your everyday style with our One Of No Other Kind creations.

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    Pervious Custom Orders


    A rebel bride handed over her veil, and we turned it into something extraordinary. We transformed her cherished veil into a stunning pair of Molly Earrings and an exquisite Adrian Necklace. Now, she can carry the spirit of her special day with her, every single day!

    Kid's Artwork

    At Lawton School, parents had the chance to take part in a unique fundraiser by encouraging their children to create original artwork. Our talented team transformed these creations into custom pieces available for purchase, with proceeds going towards Lawton School's initiative to bring a therapy dog on board.

    Honoring A Friend

    In memory of our departed friend, a group of friends decided to honor Michael's legacy by creating custom money clips with dried flowers from his memorial service and had a custom card created to honor his life.

    Mini and Me

    This customer wanted to create a matching set for herself and her little one. They shared the adorable artwork their child had recently created, and our talented team transformed it into a beautiful Kid's Taylor Bracelet and Nicole Necklace for Mom. It's a heartfelt and personal way to celebrate their bond and creativity!

    Honoring A Veteran

    After her grandpa’s passing, Amy found his old Navy jackets. She preserved one and repurposed the other into beautiful custom gifts for her family, giving them a piece of his legacy.

    Unleash Your Creativity

    Zoë unleashed her creativity by crafting a vibrant graffiti slab from leftover paint cans. Inspired by her bold expression, we transformed her art into a One of No Other Kind pair of Diana Earrings and Nechelle Necklaces. Now, Zoë can carry her creativity with her wherever she goes.