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Detroit: Dequindre Cut

In its past life the Dequindre Cut was part of an extensive set of rail lines owned by Grand Trunk Railroad. These lines were essential to the automotive industry, carrying both parts and automobiles. After the decline in rail usage, the line was abandoned. A short time later, the bridges and overpasses became canvases for Detroit's graffiti artists. 

Years later layers of graffiti have begun to peel away and fall from the walls. Rebel Nell collects this paint and repurposes it from the Dequindre Cut for this collection.



Detroit: Grand River Creative Corridor

Launched in July of 2012, the Grand River Creative Corridor is a neighborhood revitalization project that focuses on providing an open air gallery for volunteer local, national and international artists. The project features over 100 rotating murals on 15 buildings, free standing art installations and clean-up of the surrounding area. 

In addition to many incredible works of art the infamous Grand River Avenue is home to the 4731 Gallery and Studios. The studios provide space for many artists, small businesses and entrepreneurs to practice their craft and further develop the area into a creative hub. For the past two years Rebel Nell has called the 4731 building home.



Detroit: The Alley Project

The Alley Project (TAP) is an initiative of Young Nation, a community based organization with a mission to promote the development of youth in urban settings.  The Alley Project fulfills Young Nation’s vision by providing a supportive atmoshpere that encourages youth to explore creative expression and enhance community responsibility.

Located in Southwest Detroit, TAP is the heart of the community.  The walkable, outdoor gallery consists of multiple high-quality murals painted on the garages that line the alley TAP calls home. After years of evolving exhibits, thick layers of paint peel away from the garages.  Rebel Nell works with The Alley Project to collect this paint and repurpose it.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of TAP pieces will be donated to The Alley Project to help promote their youth arts education initiative.  To learn more about The Alley Project click here



  Flint: The Rock

This beloved concrete structure has long served as a palette for locals to paint their art, well wishes and memorials. It's a constantly changing structure, that serves to mirror the emotion that the community is feeling. At times, it's a place of happiness; at others, it's a place to reflect upon the sadness that has befallen the community. Regardless of the emotion that The Rock exudes at any given moment, it is always a place that represents the living testament of the people.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Flint Rock Collection pieces will be donated to the YWCA of Greater Flint to help promote their initiatives.  To learn more about the YWCA of Greater Flint click here.