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The Parade Collaboration


We are thrilled to kick off the holiday season with a partnership that is near and dear to us, and many Michiganders. In collaboration with The Parade Company and Big Heads Corporation, we are proud to announce The Parade Company |  Big Heads Collection from Rebel Nell, a collection that pays homage to the famed marching Big Heads of America's Thanksgiving Parade®. 

Over the course of the past few months, our team has been working diligently to pay respect and restore the materials of these historic works of art into wearable moments of history. Read on to learn more about the story behind these pieces and how they came to life through the meticulous hands of our esteemed creative team.


This History & Mission of The Big Heads

Unique to the Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit is the collection of more than 300 Papier-mâché heads weighing 5 – 50 lbs. each! Over the last 80 years, most of the heads in the collection were crafted in a small town called Viareggio in Italy. Since the late ’80s. the heads have been crafted and maintained right here in Detroit. The Big Head Corps is a dynamic group that helps support The Parade Company’s mission by raising funds for the preservation and restoration of this amazing head collection. In its historic 13th year, this group hosts events and activities throughout the year in Metro Detroit, as well as participating as a unit in America’s Thanksgiving Parade® presented by Gardner-White.


The Restoration & Creative Process

For weeks, our team of Creative Designers worked diligently to maintain the integrity of materials that would be transformed into signature Rebel Nell pieces of wearable art. The process included a breakdown of the materials, and merging the original paper mache (dating back to the 1960s) with the Big Heads’ bold primary colors. Over the course of time, the material of these Big Heads was updated with Detroit newspaper maiche from Italian Newspaper, to ensure the quality of the shapes and materials remained intact. During the punch-out process, our designers, Kim and Russell, found bold fonts and lettering that they knew would add character and dimension to the already stunningly adorned pieces of jewelry.



The Collection

At Rebel Nell, we are known for restoring memories through our gorgeous jewelry, and this partnership is no different. Adorning each and every piece are the intricate pieces of papier-mâché, featuring bold primary colors and decades-old newspaper pieces that add to the character and history of the materials. The collection is curated using our bestselling pieces including the Amy Necklace, Diana Earrings, Lauren Ring, Bottle Stopper, Nechelle Necklace, and more. The Parade Company | Big Heads Collection is a limited edition collection with only a select amount of pieces made, making it a desirable and highly sought-after gift for the forthcoming holiday season.


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