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For the Moms

Mom strength is so real, and we have no shortage of it in the Rebel Nell studio. Many of the Creative Designers in our family are mommas to their own families, and the love, care, and knowledge they provide for their children goes unmatched. As much as we love loving on all the Rebel Nell kids that keep us laughing during our team meetings, we wanted to know what our ladies love about being mom. Their answers were killer (and made us tear up), so we had to share. To all the mothers and mother figures out there, happy Mother's Day!


What Do You Love Most About Being A Mom?


"I love the compliments I receive about how wonderful my children behave. I've been told by people that it is a reflection of my parenting. My kids' talents and behavior has always gotten me great compliments, and it just makes my heart melt to know what I'm teaching at home shows to the rest of the world." - Brenda, Creative Designer


"I love that my kids need my and Jesus always allows me to be there. I also love cooking for them. I love my three musketeers." - Alicia, Creative Designer


"I love being a mother because children motivate you to achieve your goals and dreams. You have to set great examples for them, so you have to push! Multiple times. You push when you bring them into the world until infinity." - Azzie, Production Manager


"The thing I love about being a mother is raising and teaching my daughter to be successful and responsible while having fun doing it." - Nechelle, Creative Designer

Strong As A Mother.

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