The Graffiti

At the heart of Rebel Nell lies the graffiti where artists have told their stories across Detroit and beyond.

Our Locations

From Detroit's Dequindre Cut to Flint's The Rock, layers of graffiti and history have begun to peel away and fall from the walls.
After it has fallen, Rebel Nell collects this paint and gives it a new life in our unique pieces.

Dequindre Cut

In its past life the Dequindre Cut was part of an extensive set of rail lines owned by Grand Trunk Railroad. These lines were essential to the automotive industry, carrying both parts and automobiles. After the decline in rail usage, the line was abandoned. A short time later, the bridges and overpasses became canvases for Detroit's graffiti artists.

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Michigan Central Station

By 1967 there had been two failed attempts to sell Michigan Central Station and most of the building had been shuttered, except two ticket windows and part of one waiting room. In 1988 the last trained pulled out of the station. Over the next 30 years the station became a hot spot for vandals, graffiti artists and the occasional film crew.

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The Alley Project

The Alley Project is a garage studio and alley gallery that highlights legal street art produced by local youth and community members. Artists, teens, and neighbors have worked together to build a foundation for creative expression that highlights the community’s diversity and provides opportunities for youth to enjoy the street art.

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The Flint Rock

This beloved concrete structure has long served as a palette for locals to paint their art, well wishes and memorials. It's a constantly changing structure, that serves to mirror the emotion that the community is feeling. Regardless of the emotion that The Rock exudes at any given moment, it is always a place that represents the living testament of the people.

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Soho House Chicago

SoHo House refurbished the former Allis Building warehouse in 2012 for its Chicago location. Now a private club, hotel, spa and public restaurant space, SoHo House caters to the creative communities where it resides in locations across the globe. Every month SoHo House—Chicago hosts art exhibits, music concerts, film screenings and more.

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West Town, Chicago

Unlike the commissioned public street art projects in South Loop, West Town graffiti is a hidden neighborhood treasure tucked under the Blue Line tracks and down quiet side streets. Away from the energy of its hip coffee shops, bookstores and boutiques, gritty murals, graffiti and stencils decorate the neighborhood.

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