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Q & A with Quinn Faylor, aka Delicious Gold


Rebel Nell is proud to partner with Delicious Gold for our second annual collection in our Artist Series. Each piece of this exclusive collection is created from a hand-painted mural made by the artist that was deconstructed to make your individual piece.

Quinn Faylor (they/them/theirs) aka Delicious Gold is a queer multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Detroit, MI. Their art is grounded in colors, patterns, and the power of form; their compositions are joyful and bright.


Shemika Earrings | Delicious Gold


Delicious Gold set out to create an impactful and personal mural for the collection, and the result is a deeply honest reflection of their work and the way they see and experience the world. The intention of the collection is to allow the owners to embrace the strength and intention of this artist and carry it on their own personal journey. 

A self-portrait of the artist, the mural boasts bold colors and a striking, honest visual representation of Delicious Gold in artistic form. Each piece from the collection features the intricate brushstrokes and lines and shapes of the exclusive mural.

“At its best my work is joyful. My practice is an extension of myself.”

We sat down with Quinn Faylor to learn about their inspiration and creative process

Delicious Gold Q & A 

  1. Who inspires you? Lots of folks, their resilience. An individual's capacity to love, grieve, trust & heal. How we can feel inspired, broken, goofy, juicy, soft, grateful, held. Life is everything all at once. We are in process. It is brutal and beautiful.  Folks bring their distinct voice to this world in many mediums and many ways. I’m grateful for it, and humbled to be here in collaboration.  
  2. Are there specific colors you are more drawn to? My partner painted a yellow circle above our fireplace because we needed the sun this winter. I’ve been painting orange and yellow circles in lots of my work too. They feel like a beacon, an abundant moment to ground my work around. I painted my studio yellowy orange and I wear a lot of blue. I love cool and warm colors against each other. I also love greens and earth tones.
  3. When I'm not creating, you can find me? Dancing, walking my Dog, building my house, binging fantasy fiction.
  4. My favorite place to get inspired is? The great outdoors! Backpacking, camping, rambling around.
  5. If I weren't an artist I would be? Doesn’t even feel possible.
  6. Are there any mediums that you love to explore? I would say painting is my biggest love & main medium. But I am exploring making work from textiles. I am screen printing. I am making jewelry and wearables. This week I am making my first 3-dimensional mural, as an installation of wood panels. I am constantly growing and exploring. I feel pretty new to all of it, and love the process of playing around.
  7. I always want to be remembered for? How I show up, being a good listener, being a good friend, making folks feel seen and held in vulnerable spaces. My eggplant parm.
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