Rebel Nell: What's in a Name?


Often times we get asked, "Are you a rebel?" "What makes your jewelry rebellious? "or, a personal favorite "Is this a Billy Idol tribute?"

So, here we are to give a little more background behind our name Rebel Nell. 

Because we exist solely to empower disadvantaged women, we wanted to pay tribute to a trailblazer who came before us and not only stood for women's empowerment, but for social justice as well. Both our cofounders admired Eleanor Roosevelt, whose nickname was "Little Nell," and they thought she was much more deserving of a tougher, more badass name. 

Eleanor Roosevelt was a strong, independent woman who stayed true to her beliefs, regardless of her husband's or public opinion. She stood for women's rights, helping them hold more white collar jobs and pushing for them to receive better wages. Eleanor was also an important player in the civil rights movement as she argued that benefits should be equally distributed to all Americans, regardless of race. 

Because the women we employ are rebelling against what society has handed them and moving forward with their lives (plus graffiti is often viewed as rebellious) it seemed perfectly fitting to call ourselves Rebel Nell.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a pioneer and a rebel, standing up for everything our company works hard for before our time, and reminding us daily of what we believe in. 

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