Meet the powerful individuals who inspire us everyday and keep the wheels turning.

We are continuously motivated and inspired by the people surrounding our company, and we know that the fight for social equity is not won alone, but rather together as a united force.



    Amy is our fearless leader. She’s the driving force behind Rebel Nell, the woman coming up with all the big ideas. She’s a natural-born leader, always working towards growth and greatness. While we lovingly say that Amy has a ‘crazy brain’, we know that without all her brilliant ideas Rebel Nell wouldn’t exist....literally!



    Diana’s a woman of many talents! As the head of Operations, she manages just about everything that happens behind the scenes. On any given day, she’s our Human Resources Department, Inventory Manager, Lead Jewelry Designer, Art Director and resident DJ. You name it, this woman does it and she does it all while making us feel supported and encouraged to do our best also.

  • Angela


    Sourcing and Inventory Manager

    Angela is the woman making all of our jewelry dreams come true! While the rest of us spend time fantasizing about all the things we’d love to make for you, Angela is behind the scenes ensuring that our dreams meet your needs. Frequently on the phone with our vendors talking dollars and cents, millimeters and grams, at the heart of everything she does is our mission. From the moment she walks in the door, her warmth and compassion fill the room. Angela makes us feel all the feels!


    Production Lead

    Every day with Ethel is a good day! This woman is a ray of sunshine, radiating as much light as the touches of gold leaf she loves to add to all of our jewels. As our Production Lead, Ethel touches every part of the jewelry-making process from start to finish. She pulls our orders and puts them into production, she creates the beautiful pieces you see on the site and even makes sure every last jump ring is up to our quality standards. As a professional photographer, she also contributes to our product photography!


    Creative Designer

    There’s no challenge Kim can’t tackle! A problem solver by nature, she’s proven an invaluable member of our R&D team. From vinyl to dog collars, lace to astroturf, Kim is the mastermind making all of our collaborations materialize. In between all the business, Kim keeps us entertained with her willingness to accept personal challenges too.

  • Nicole


    Wholesale Representative

    Ever purchased a piece of Rebel Nell at your favorite boutique or gallery? Nicole is the lady who made it happen! Enthusiastic, engaging and a Rebel Nell advocate since day one, there’s no one else we could imagine representing our brand. While we don’t get to see her nearly enough, we love that we get to share this incredible woman with all of our friends in the retail world!


    Assistant Jewelry Designer

    From the moment we met him, we knew there was something special about Russell. He jokingly refers to himself as Naomi Campbell, but, the reality is, that his inner fashion diva has pushed us to be more aspirational. An entrepreneur three times prior to joining the Rebel Nell team, Russell gets start-up life and is determined to grow Rebel Nell from a local jewelry brand into a household name. In the meantime, you can find him in the resin room looking after his ‘babies’ while he’s belting out Beyonce’s Lemonade.

  • Zoe


    Content Creator

    Creative, charismatic and cool, Zoe is the perfect fit to create our content! In a world where positivity and fun are a rarity in social media, we love that she approaches her job with undeniable optimism. Whether she’s managing a photoshoot, teaching her thirty-something year old bosses the latest Tik Tok dance or interacting with all of you on social, she’s doing it with enthusiasm and ease.


    Shop Dog

    Dior loves short walks in the grass, long naps in the sun and candlelit lunchtime. She fits the Rebel Nell vibe perfectly, we too love a good nap and all the snacks. We don’t totally know what we pay her to do around here, but we love her regardless!