The year was 2013, and Amy Peterson was living out her dream as a first-ever associate female council for the Detroit Tigers. Living next door to a women's shelter in downtown Detroit, Peterson befriended the tenants and learned about the everyday barriers they faced. It was here, in parallel with the challenges she faced by being a woman in the sports industry, she decided to create a company dedicated to uplifting women and providing underserved women a route to self-sufficiency and equitable opportunity.

  • In 2014, Peterson was introduced to retail veteran Diana Roginson. A shared belief in the mission, matched with separate yet complementary skill sets allowed for a natural partnership, it was here Rebel Nell was born.

    Now, 9+years and 32+ graduates later, what started as a business helping women in Detroit is a nationally-recognized symbol of what we are all capable of and the power within in all people to create change for the future. Rebel Nell is a certified Social Enterprise and voice for female empowerment around the world.

Rebel Nell is proud to be certified in two distinct accreditations.
These two certifications support our ongoing efforts to create impact while producing quality products.

The USA Certified Social Enterprise is an independent guarantee that we put the interests of people & planet above shareholder gain.

Certified Women-Owned Business: Rebel Nell is a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US.



Rebel Nell is a mission-driven jewelry company that puts people and products at its forefront as a social enterprise. By creating exceptional, high-quality jewelry made from repurposed materials from around the world, we use our profits to support programs that promote mental well-being, financial training, career education, and other wrap-around programs.

The result is a societal impact that allows women to graduate to a life of self-sufficiency and equitable opportunity.


As our first hire, Karen was referred to us by COTS, a partner of Rebel Nell's that advocates for long-term solutions for the unhoused . From day one, Karen partnered with Rebel Nell to pursue her dream of supporting individuals with mental illness to become self-sufficient and prevent them from cycling through the criminal justice system.

After two full years of devoted work, Karen graduated and became a Certified Peer Recovery Coach within Michigan's Community Mental health Services. Today, she serves on Rebel Nell's non- profit arm, T.E.A's, Board of Directors.


While Rebel Nell is national by nature, our roots are deep in the city of Detroit, our home. As such, we are deeply committed to making an impact in our community through strategic partnerships, and women-support initiatives that support our mission and our heartfelt belief in reducing systematic barriers to underserved communities of people.

  • T.E.A. (Teach. Empower. Achieve.) is an established 501c3 organization created by the founders of Rebel Nell and now the primary partner for the organization. T.E.A. offers programs and support for Rebel Nell's workforce and assists them on their road to self-sustainability. T.E.A. works in tandem with Rebel Nell and other socially driven companies to build community and create educational opportunities that support women from all walks of life on their pathway toward full-time employment and independence - often women living in shelters, refugees or returning citizens.

    Donate to T.E.A.

  • Rebel Nell partners with COTS and its mission to end homelessness and put individuals on a path to self-sufficiency. We work with them to find women who are in need of wrap-around support and who, above all, have the tireless strength to get out of the system and create the life of their dreams.

    Link to COTS



Beyond Rebel Nell's very business model, which is centralized around supporting women, we engage daily in efforts that help move rights for women forward. Through strategic partnerships, speaking engagements, and more, we prioritize women in everything we do. Over the years, we have supported organizations like The Afiya Center, which Provide resources to ignite and build a robust Black women centered Reproductive Justice movement in Texas.


Rebel Nell's Women's History Month initiative brings together women-owned and run businesses from Detroit for a promotional book that brings people through the doors of the city's best entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Since 2021, Rebel Nell has hosted female leaders from around the globe for a day that unifies the message supporting International Women's Day.


For the past five years, Rebel Nell has launched a collection in June that supports and raises awareness for LGBTQ rights. Over the years, we have donated to organizations like Immigration Equality, the nation’s leading LGBTQ immigrant rights organization.


In 2022, Rebel Nell gave back to the Detroit community with a grant that directly supported a growing women-owned business in Detroit.