Rebel Nell provides a strong support system for the women that we hire. We aim to help them transition through challenging situations, overcome barriers that have been prohibitive in the past and empower them to transition to an independent life. At Rebel Nell, we've launched T.E.A.; Teaching. Empowering. Achieving. T.E.A. is a non-profit that is dedicated to upholding the beliefs shared by Rebel Nell and working closely with our employees to further the objective of enhancing their lives. Our non-profit invests in training, education, skills development, coaching and mentorship services, including basic employment opportunities, and to provide other support and assistance to homeless and formerly homeless women in the Detroit, Michigan area.  


Financial Literacy and Management 

We believe that the key to independence is through financial management. We provide financial literacy and management classes to give our team members a better understanding of their financial situations and present a course toward financial wellness. We understand that each person is different, as are their financial situations. Our dedicated financial advisor guides each woman based on their individual needs. We have regular meetings to ensure continuous progress toward each team member's financial goal. 


Women's Empowerment 

We offer regular mentoring sessions to assist in confidence building and self realization. Our women's empowerment advisor aides our team on how to recognize their inner strength and challenges their emotional barriers in order to realize their highest potential.



Our entrepreneurship classes occur throughout the year. During these classes we explore how creative and innovative thinking can lead to entrepreneurial opportunities. We learn how to turn a passion project into a business, while also understanding the economics of running a business. It is our hope that one day these classes will result in a new woman owned business, furthering the progress of our ladies and their impact on Detroit.

Day to Day Support System
We offer flexible work schedules so that our team members have time to focus on their families, in addition to working full-time. All employees earn a living wage, well above minimum wage, to help them overcome financial challenges. Further, we offer micro-loan assistance, legal aid, housing assistance, yoga and wellness classes and team building experiences, among many other programs. 
We pride ourselves on being a self-sustaining social enterprise. Every piece of jewelry that we sell goes directly toward supporting our mission. Your purchases help support the programs we provide and change the lives of our team members and their families.