Spellbound Collection: Celebrating Beauty in Unexpected Places

Rebel Nell has always been at the forefront of innovation and artistic expression; this collection is no exception. But what makes it truly remarkable is its source of inspiration – real abandoned spiderwebs. Yes, you read that correctly! We've transformed something often overlooked into a mesmerizing collection that marries the elegance of Rebel Nell jewelry with nature’s artistry.

Our Spellbound Collection comprises meticulously designed necklaces and earrings, each featuring real spider webs delicately encased in both silver and gold-filled settings. The result? A stunning showcase of the intricate beauty of spider webs, capturing a sense of timelessness and the unparalleled artistry of Mother Nature. But it's not just about creating beautiful jewelry. It's about celebrating the unexpected beauty that surrounds us. As Amy Peterson, Co-Founder and CEO of Rebel Nell, puts it, "By incorporating real abandoned spider webs into our designs, we aim to highlight the fact that there is not only beauty in each of us but also around us."

The Spellbound Collection is more than just jewelry; it's a limited-edition experience. With only 40 exclusive pieces available, each necklace and earring is engraved with a unique number, adding a touch of individuality and exclusivity to your purchase.

Take advantage of this chance to own a piece of this limited-edition collection that beautifully blends artistry with environmental consciousness. Join us in celebrating the wonders of nature, craftsmanship, and the unique stories that make each of us who we are.

Shop our Spellbound Collection here or by visiting our store in Parker's Alley, Downtown Detroit.

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