Rebel Nell's 2020 Year in Review

2020 - What the Hell Was That?!

To say we’re glad 2020 is over would be an understatement! Like all small businesses, we spent the majority of the year filled with fear, anxiety, exhaustion and over the incessant need to pivot. It was incredibly trying and emotional for our team and was a challenge unlike any we’ve ever faced. 

We can say honestly that in March, we were doubtful as to whether or not Rebel Nell would still exist by the end of the year. We let the thought of failure sit with us for a day and then quickly regrouped and focused on our mission to employ women with barriers to employment. For us, that was our guiding light; it was unconscionable that we would not do everything in our power to live up to our mission. That being said, the decisions we had to make were gut-wrenching. They provided no certainty and felt as though we were hedging our bets on the complete unknown. Through it all, we made decisions that we were proud of because at the heart of EVERY decision we made we kept our team and their wellbeing our top priority. 

Now, as we close out another year, we reflect on our incredible team and the tireless hours they put into keeping Rebel Nell not only surviving but thriving. We have a tremendous amount of pride and gratitude for the teamwork, vision, creativity, flexibility, drive, perseverance and a whole lot of love that enabled us to overcome (what seemed to be) insurmountable challenges. 

And to all of you, we’re so thankful to you for your love and support. Every like, every share,  every dollar you spent with us, every dollar you donated to keep our people paid during the shutdowns, every word of encouragement, EVERYTHING you did...kept us moving forward and allowed us to continue our mission. A million times over, THANK YOU! 

That being said, we’re excited to share our top ten favorite things that you helped us achieve in 2020. Take pride in knowing that you helped us REBEL against this pandemic and come out on top!

  1. In partnership with T.E.A., we ensured our team members were provided their full wages through every shutdown, laptops to ensure access to resources for both themselves and their childrens’ virtual learning, wellness check-ins, care packages and proper PPE, and continued wrap around support.
  2. Employed our 29th person out of shelter living!
  3. Transitioned our 21st woman into the traditional workforce.
  4. Hired three new Creative Designers, in the middle of the pandemic.
  5. Hired our first male Creative Designer, Russell, through our partnership with Freedom House. In a year full of tremendous growth, this was easily one of our proudest moments! 
  6.  Launched Collections with the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons and Belle Isle Conservancy.
  7. Identified and sourced from new suppliers that get us closer to achieving our goal to have 90% of our supply chain be women-owned and/or women-empowering organizations locally and abroad.
  8. Picked up by Zappos and The Grommet.
  9. Launched the Unique and Signature (our personal favorite) Collections 
  10. Saw the best December sales in the history of our company! 

We are so incredibly grateful we have each other as business partners and friends, but we know that we could not have done it alone. Again, we are so thankful for our team and for you - our Rebel Nell squad. Thank you to everyone who shopped small, shopped local and made an impact with your purchase. 2020 left us exhausted but reiterated that the work we are doing is more important now than ever before. 

2021 has us energized and ready to take on the world! We will continue to fight for a more just and equitable world through kindness, compassion, and empathy for each other. We will embolden women, in our community and beyond, to embrace their infinite strength, define their own future and take pride in knowing that, like you, they are One of No Other Kind.

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Lots of Love 

Amy Peterson + Diana Roginson

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