Q & A with Louise Jones, aka Ouizi



We are thrilled to share the first in our new Artist Series, the Ouizi Collection. The Artist Series will feature partnerships with diverse, multi-faceted muralists and painters from around the country, resulting in an entirely new look and feel for Rebel Nell jewelry and a glimpse into the future of our brand.

Known for her Georgia O’Keeffe-inspired large-scale murals found in public spaces around the country, Ouizi (aka Louise Jones) was the perfect partner for our first collaboration for her Detroit roots and her inspiring gift of providing art and beauty to the masses. Incorporating her educational background in drawing and printmaking, we worked with her to create a mural inspired by Rebel Nell that was meticulously repurposed into wearable art in her signature bold colors and adorned by her distinctive botanical shapes and curves.

We sat down with Louise Jones to learn about everything from where she finds inspiration to her favorite hobbies.

Nechelle Necklace, Ouizi Collection



1) I feel most inspired when: I am in a good mood, mentally stimulated, or having fun. 

2) My favorite colors are: there are no colors that I dislike, it just depends on my mood. Right now I like pastels a lot, sage green, blush pink, sky blue.

3) When I'm not creating, you can find me: hanging out with my husband Gabe, knitting (does that count as creating?), riding my bike, watching tv/movies

4) My favorite place to get inspired is: in a field of wildflowers

5) If I weren't a muralist I would be: (having) something to do with fashion

6) The women who inspire me are: I am constantly inspired by women that I meet through my journey as an artist, but the one that counts the most is my Mom

7) Are there any mediums, outside of drawing and printmaking you'd love to explore? If yes, what are they and why? I’d love to keep exploring clay, as well as other 3 dimensional arts.

8) I always want to be remembered for: contributing something beautiful or meaningful to society.


Matching the beautiful artwork that will flank every piece are new and elevated materials in 18 karat gold plated sterling silver and sterling silver, as well as more refined and substantial bezels for each piece of jewelry. We could not be more proud to introduce a more polished style and higher quality that still complements the look and feel that is true to Rebel Nell.

The Ouizi Collection will boast pieces that you know and love including the Amy Necklace, Diana Earrings, and Nechelle Necklace. To complement these classic Rebel Nell pieces, we’re excited to introduce new styles including the Lauren Ring and Carl Bracelet and revamped Brittany Earrings, all created with our new materials. Every piece is curated to work together, allowing you to mix and match styles that complement each other.

The collection is now available online and in-store. 

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