The flower—is docile, beautiful, and decorative—an often-used metaphor for women with a patronizing tone. Throughout history, flowers have been used to symbolize femininity, fertility, and their hard-to-miss resemblance to the female reproductive organs. 

Yet anyone who has ever watched a flower pushing its way through a crack in the concrete, leaves reaching for the sky, petals outstretched, seeking the sun knows looks can be deceiving. Flowers grow in any environment, from parched deserts to Antarctica tundra. Saffron, derived from the crocus sativus flower, is the rarest spice in the world. Flowers are the first plants to regrow after a devastating forest fire, laying the foundation for the forest’s rebirth. Flowers, you see, are mightier than they appear. Instead of denying a woman’s likeness to a flower, perhaps we need to embrace a different point of view.

For time eternal, women have rolled up their sleeves, made the most of horrendous conditions, survived indescribable atrocities, been underrepresented in every corner of society, and still show up daily for their families and communities. So, the next time someone suggests you are “like a dainty blossom,” own the power that comes from being a flower—you are adaptable, rare, and can rise from the ashes.

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