Here for the Animals

Founded in 1877, The Michigan Humane Society—now Michigan Humane—is the oldest and largest nonprofit animal welfare organization in the state. Each year, Michigan Humane achieves 100 percent adoption of more than 8,000 healthy and treatable animals through compassionate care, community engagement, and advocacy for humane treatment.


Recognizing that all life has intrinsic value, Michigan Humane works to minimize harm and balance the interests of humans, animals, and the environment. While Michigan Humane’s primary focus is on animal welfare, the very nature of the relationship between animals and humans means their work invariably impacts both as well as the larger community.


Michigan Humane operates three adoption centers, four veterinary centers, seven adoption partnerships, and both a Cruelty Investigation Department and a Statewide Animal Response Team. Their services focus on sheltering, veterinary care, cruelty investigations, and emergency rescue in Metropolitan Detroit, as well as humane education, law enforcement training, legislative advocacy, and disaster relief throughout the state and nationally.


Michigan Humane works hard to keep animal companions and owners together during challenging times by offering affordable veterinary care, low-cost spay/neuter, and a Pet Food Assistance Program that provides cat and dog food at no charge to qualified pets to keep them in their current homes.


Our companion pets are more than animals; they are our family and friends, our therapists, and our personal trainers. Treat your favorite four-legged friend to a Rebel Nell Pet Tag, so they stand out in the pack!

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