May is for the Moms: Mother's Day Style Guide


Who would we be without our mothers? As spring arrives, we are given the chance to celebrate the reason we exist in this world. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to reflect on all the reasons we’re so thankful for our mamas. As an organization made up of entirely women, Rebel Nell recognizes the powerful influence of motherhood on society, and sees the importance of gratitude and appreciation for mothers.

While all moms would say they're happy with a card and flowers, we know yours is deserving of something a little more daring. With Mother’s Day just a few weeks away, we’ve rounded up the ideal selection of Rebel Nell gifts that not only empower your own mama, but also the incredible ones that make the jewelry here at Rebel Nell. Happy Mother’s Day, here’s to all the mothers (and mother figures) of the world!

Wine stoppers

If your mom loves to unwind with a glass of wine, she is a woman after our own heart. Give a gift your girl can use over and over again. Now every time your mom wants to refill her well-deserved glass of vino, she’ll immediately think of you.






Pendant Sets


Here at Rebel Nell we know that most moms still love a good matchy-matchy gift. With these necklace and earring sets, you can give her a small, sweet symbol of your love that will remind her of your appreciation for her, and you’ll make picking her jewelry for the day that much easier. If you’re lucky, she’ll let you borrow a piece and you can match. Choose from silver or gold on these dainty sets. 





 Signature Heart Pendants

Crafted with sterling silver and hand-cut by our designers into a heart shape, these pieces are one of the most special pieces produced at Rebel Nell. This keepsake accessory is truly one of a kind, and is the perfect sentimental gift for any mom.






The Nell Clutch

The gift of all gifts. A collaboration with fellow women’s social enterprise Better Life Bags led to the creation of one of our all-time favorite products. This is our bold twist on a classic women’s clutch, and is sure to make your mom feel as fabulous as she is.






*Giveaway!* Cord Bracelets

From May 3-12th 2019, when you spend over $80 on a gift for your mama (or yourself,) you will receive a free cord bracelet with purchase! These babies are worth $35, and we think your mom is worth a little extra love.

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