Each Piece is One of No Other Kind: Introducing Unique Identifiers

Each Piece is One of No Other Kind: Introducing Unique Identifiers

One of No Other Kind speaks volumes about who we are, but what does it actually mean? Each piece of Rebel Nell is One of No other Kind, not only because of the nature of the material but also because of the woman who made it and the person who wears it.

The women we serve and you, our customers, are part of our sisterhood. We strive for independence - of our own expectations and of society’s expectations. In our sisterhood, we strive to be our authentic selves with our own personalities, lived experiences, and beliefs - unlike anyone else. We strive to be One of No Other Kind.

We utilize discarded materials and process them in a way that exposes their uniqueness. While we work with a variety of different materials, the majority of our items are made from repurposed graffiti. The colors used in each slab of graffiti vary from piece to piece and the portion of the slab that speaks to our team varies from person to person - making each piece different than the next. 

We’re excited to introduce a new way to highlight the uniqueness of our jewelry! Moving forward, we’ll be adding a unique identifier to the pieces that you see on our site. So, whether your piece was produced from Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago or elsewhere, you’ll see the location along with the number in the sequence for that specific style. Looking for a necklace that’s from Detroit? Maybe one that’s an early edition? Now you’ll be able to easily find one that fits your wants - and when you’re eyeing a piece you’ll know that yours is unique.

For select collaborations, we’ll also be limiting the number of pieces we produce. In that case, you’ll see the number of the piece you’re checking out and how many pieces we produced - making each collab a limited edition and making your piece literally One of No Other Kind!

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