Designer Spotlight: Azzie - Rebel Nell

Designer Spotlight: Azzie

“Because I was born a rebel.”

That was Azzie’s response when asked what makes her such a great fit at Rebel Nell -- And it couldn’t be more true.

When Azzie enters a room she instantly brings happiness and laughter to everyone around her. Her warm and friendly personality is what made her a great fit for the Rebel Nell team right from the beginning, but just like graffiti, everyone has layers that make them who they are. The bright and expressive parts of Azzie’s personality are met with a disciplined and focused mindset when she enters the studio; and this is why she was the beyond deserving recipient of our first Rebel Award in January.

The different layers of Azzie are reflected in her two favorite stages of the jewelry making process: selecting the colors to use, and carefully applying resin to finish the pieces. Using her creativity to design each one-of-a-kind piece allows Azzie to express her colorful free spirit, while applying the resin in the finishing stages helps her focus and give attention to detail. Both these strengths come together to form a picture in her mind of what she wants to create, which results in unique pieces that showcase Azzie’s talents and personality.

“I can just be me.”

When Azzie first joined the Rebel Nell team in March 2016, she felt nervous and unsure, but these anxious feelings soon faded as she experienced the love and trust that welcomed her. This impression of the team is something that she still holds today. One of Azzie’s favorite parts of working with Rebel Nell is that there is no judgement, and she can just be herself.

Azzie is always looking to motivate those around her. She seeks to lift the spirits of others so they will feel inspired to give their best. This makes her an invaluable team player, cheerleader, and friend. She draws on her past experiences to help others get through their own difficult times. Her motto is “I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I can tell you it’s going to be alright.”

“Don’t be afraid to speak up.”

As she reflected on her past experiences, some advice Azzie would give herself includes not being afraid to speak up and advocate for yourself. She talks about the importance of taking care of yourself before you’re able to take care of anyone else. And as the ultimate team mom, we get why this is a challenge for her. She also would tell herself not to be judgmental because everyone’s story is different and you never know what is going on beneath the surface.

Looking forward, Azzie has big and ambitious goals for herself. She aspires to found an organization to provide education, support, and travel opportunities for girls from low-income families. She values these types of opportunities as a way to show these girls there is a path to reach their own goals. She also is in the process of writing two books that pull from her past experiences.

We are so incredibly proud of Azzie and the impact she has had on Rebel Nell. Her shining personality and seasoned wisdom not only make her an incredible person to work with, but also an incredible person to know. We know Azzie will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to no matter what obstacles she may face along the way -- proven by her favorite quote,

“Still I rise” - Maya Angelou


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