Caring for Community: A Message from our CEO on COVID-19

A Message on COVID-19

Dear Rebel Nell family,

While we’re all working to make adjustments in our lives to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, I felt it was important to provide some information on what Rebel Nell is doing and what members of our community can do to continue to support each other in these strange and uncertain times. This is unchartered territory for us and we are trying our best to do the right thing. First of all, I want to thank you all for stepping up to protect your most vulnerable neighbors. We know our Detroit community is resilient, and our community will do what is necessary to help everyone weather this storm and come out stronger on the other side. 

What we’re doing:

  • In working closely with T.E.A., our nonprofit arm, we have identified the most pressing needs that face the women we serve. Many of our Creative Designers are new to the team and have not had an opportunity to develop a savings plan that would allow them to navigate these challenging economic times. We are putting forth our best efforts to ensure our team receives their full wages during this time even if production hours decrease. T.E.A. has committed to contributing all donations from March 1st until further notice towards any potential lost wages that our Creative Designers may experience. For those of our team members who are mothers, we are actively working with them to provide childcare while schools and day care facilities are closed. Additionally, we are utilizing all available resources to assist our team members in obtaining food. T.E.A. is also committed to helping those team members who typically utilize public transportation reduce their usage. We will be working together to provide access to carpooling and rideshare when necessary.
  • The Rebel Nell retail store will be closed until further notice while we monitor the situation closely. Additionally, we have cancelled all studio tours during the months of March and April. We will be looking at creative ways to take our retail opportunities virtual. We want you to stay engaged and will be focusing our efforts into communicating with you via our social media channels. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date.
  • We take pride in maintaining a clean and healthy working environment. We have enhanced our cleaning and safety protocols in accordance with the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control. Due to the nature of the materials we work with, we have strict rules in place for wearing masks at all necessary stages of the jewelry making process. We have been following these strict practices and plan to continue to adhere to these policies.
  • For those who have jobs that can be done remotely, we are offering them the opportunity to work from home. Like many businesses, a complete shutdown is very challenging but we are limiting time in the studio to essential work activities only and monitoring any policy changes to ensure our compliance. Additionally, we have a schedule in place to ensure that we eliminate overlap in our workforce and are practicing the recommended social distancing policies.  

What we’re offering:

We know that many people are doing their part to practice social distancing, with many staying in and working from home. While the health of our community is of the utmost importance, we humbly ask that everyone remember your favorite small businesses who are feeling the impact of the necessary steps they’ve had to make to keep others safe. Here are some things you can do to continue to support small businesses:

  • Shop online! Many businesses are closing their brick-and-mortar storefronts for the time being, but there are still ways to virtually patronize them. Rebel Nell will be offering free shipping on all orders for the foreseeable future - no order minimums and no offer code needed.
  • #BuyaGiftCard - This hashtag is gaining popularity, and for good reason! Buying gift cards to be used at a later date (or to give as gifts!) help small businesses manage the cash flow challenges presented by the change in traffic and sales during an ever changing economic environment. Purchase a Rebel Nell gift card, and get an additional $10 off your next order!
  • Use discounts! Many small businesses are running sales and promotions to help counter the economic impact of this virus. Now is the perfect time to stock up on graduation gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, or just treat-yourself-gifts. We are extending our Superwoman sale through the rest of this week, with 20% off our entire website (yes, even the Joe Louis + Michigan Central Station Collections) with offer code SUPERWOMAN.

What you can do:

As a social enterprise that serves a vulnerable population, we understand how serious the impacts of school closings and cut hours can be for women already struggling to support themselves and their families. I encourage all of us to do what we can to help support the organizations providing food, medical supplies, and overall support for our neighbors in need during this time. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Contribute monetary support. While clothing and canned goods are great donations for most organizations, the need we are hearing from our community partners is for monetary donations. These organizations are the experts, and understand what the needs really are. If you are able to help, consider making a donation to one of these organizations.
  • Be Responsible. Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and others.  Wash your hands, disinfect spaces after you use them, work from home if you are able to do so, shop responsibly and avoid large crowds. When purchasing supplies, if you don’t need an item in the next two weeks, leave it for someone who does. 
  • Clear out your closet. With more of us spending more time at home, this is a perfect time to go through your closet for donatable items. Even though most organizations are not accepting material donations at this time, it’s a great way to get a head start on your spring cleaning, and get ready to give back.
  • Check in with loved ones. There’s no doubt that social distancing is making everyone feel a bit more isolated, but I want to remind you that you are not alone. Take time to call or video chat with a loved one, especially if they’re in an older population. 
  • Make time for self care. We’re hearing that stress and worry can weaken your immune system. So while we’re all weathering this storm together, take time to care for yourself. Go for a walk outside (in an uncrowded area), cook your favorite meal, meditate, and do whatever you need to take care of yourself.
  • Believe. Take a deep breath and believe that we will get through this.  The power of human kindness and compassion is stronger than any virus.

    Thank you all for doing what you can to protect yourself and each other from the spread of this virus. I know our community is strong, and the love we’ve seen already is just another example of that strength. We will continue to monitor the situation, and will do our best to keep our community safe and informed in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service email at We love you, and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon. 

    Lots of love,

    Amy Peterson

    CEO, Rebel Nell

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