A Recap of Rebel Nell's 4th Annual International Women's Day

A Recap of Rebel Nell's 4th Annual International Women's Day

What an electrifying night it was at Our 4th Annual International Women's Day event! With over 100 incredible souls in attendance, four dynamic women-owned vendors, and enough positivity to light up the entire city of Detroit, it's safe to say that the night was nothing short of extraordinary.

Our special guest speakers, Erin Cummings and Salina Williams, graced the stage with their inspiring words and infectious energy, leaving everyone in the audience feeling empowered and uplifted. From sharing their personal journeys to advocating for women's rights, their presence truly illuminated the spirit of International Women's Day.

Let's not forget the delectable delights from Pietrzyk Pierogi that tantalized our taste buds and kept us fueled throughout the evening. A huge shoutout to Angela T. Moore for her stellar job as our EMCEE, keeping the energy high and the crowd engaged.

As the evening progressed, attendees found themselves enveloped in a moment of pure serenity, courtesy of Shawna Lockhart, the founder of Gaias Temple. With a gentle hush falling over the crowd, Shawna skillfully guided us through a transformative journey with her soul-soothing sound bath. The melodic tones of singing bowls reverberated through the room, washing away any remnants of stress or tension, and transporting us to a place of deep relaxation and inner peace.

But perhaps the highlight of the night was the unforgettable Drag Queen Bingo! With laughter echoing through the room, prizes galore, and a sense of camaraderie like no other, it was bingo like you've never seen before. It was more than just a game – it was a celebration of inclusivity, diversity, and the joy of being true to oneself. In a world where acceptance and understanding are sometimes hard to come by, this event served as a beacon of love and acceptance for all.

As we reflect on this remarkable event, we're reminded of the power of sisterhood, the importance of lifting each other up, and the joy that comes from celebrating women from all walks of life. Thank you to everyone who joined us in honoring International Women's Day and making this night one to remember.


“I wanted to take a moment to share my appreciation for last night's event. It was truly impactful and inspiring, thanks to your incredible hosting!
The willingness of Erin and Salina to be vulnerable, paired with humor, rawness, and bluntness, resonated deeply with me and many others in the audience. Their stories were not just stories—they were beacons of hope and reminders that none of us are alone in our struggles and triumphs. Wish we had the chance to catch up more at the event! Hopefully we can get together soon in order to do so. Congratulations on another beautiful event!”
- Melissa C.

“Thank you for a beautiful evening #grateful”
- Carolyn C.

“Such an amazing event! It was beautiful to see the positive impact it made on so many people. The best IWD even!”
- Sarah P.

“What a beautiful evening. The singing bowls and panelists”
- Frankie P.

“This event and speakers gave me life!!”
- Majha Z.

“It was really great to go last night to hear the perspective I needed this week/month/year. Thank you for such a great event. I needed all that laughter! They were so great!! I can’t wait until next year”
- Tricia R.

“Truly the best women’s event ever and I absolutely won’t miss it next year (fingers crossed you continue it).”
- Gulia C.

“Rebel Nell hosted an amazing International Women’s Day Event. The transparency and honesty from the speakers tonight were exactly what our community needed. It was inspiring to see such powerful and well known women share their vulnerable side and speak truthfully from the heart.”
- JoJo D.

“Rebel Nell’s IWD event was INCREDIBLE. I can’t stop talking about how good it felt to be in that room and how much I needed that!”
- Caitlin P.

“Rebel Nell’s IWD event was amazing. Listening to powerful testimonies from bad ass women about life, mental health, private parts, love, loss and grief. With a full sound bath meditation followed by drag queen bingo. You had to be there, it was wild in all the right ways! Only Rebel Nell would throw a party celebrating women AND inclusion.”
- Klye D.

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