Socially-Conscious Supply Chain: A Hard Look at our Mission

Socially-Conscious Supply Chain

2020 has been, let’s just say, a really challenging year. It was honestly hard to even begin writing this because so much has happened in the course of just a few months.  In March, like most business owners, I doubted whether we would even have a business by the end of the year. Now, I am so proud to be writing this blog because we have rallied, we’ve grown, we’ve virtually hugged, and we’re getting through this as a team. 

As we all have, myself and the team at Rebel Nell have shifted gears (multiple times) and are focused on growing the business, moreso now than ever. We’re focused on connecting and empowering the people around us, and that includes you! That being said, we’re so excited to let you know that we’re bringing you collections, new products and a new point of view. A point of view that we hope emboldens you and helps you see your worth. We designed each new collection around the many powerful women in our lives and all of their best traits; we’re sure you’ll find yourself reflected in them. We’ve named our pieces after women and men that have inspired us, from our Rebel Nell family members to those in our community who have impacted and helped shape our company.

In addition to finding new ways to improve our company, and to better your experience, we’re committed to finding new ways to enhance the experience for the incredible people we employ. In the past few months, we have had two more Graduates from Rebel Nell, including our longtime Production Manager, Azzie. With our Graduates’ success, and the success of our business throughout COVID, we’re excited to announce that we’ve hired four new Creative Designers! We’ve also expanded our Customer Happiness team and have a dedicated team member to assist you! 


Amy Peterson and Diana Roginson

We are dedicated to furthering our mission to empower women and want to continue to be part of the solution in every aspect of our business. During one of our multi-hour self-reflection brainstorm meetings, Diana and I realized there was so much unknown in our supply chain. We rely on many suppliers for our parts and materials, but we often don’t know the origin or the story behind the parts. We’re committed to sustainability, gender equality, transparency, and ethical manufacturing, and we expect the same from our supply partners. At the beginning of the year, Diana and I embarked on our educational journey both at home in the US and abroad at an international jewelry show in search of women-owned vendors that are aligned with our mission and offer high quality products. Prior to our travels, we received training on observing and evaluating business ethics compliance, specifically in sourcing international vendors. We met with vendors, took factory tours, spoke with employees to learn firsthand of their experience, and asked key questions to ensure that not only would we secure quality parts, but that those parts would be made by individuals who are treated fairly and ethically. I’m proud to say that all of our new vendors are either women-owned or women-empowering businesses, who have received multiple internationally recognized ethics awards and produce high quality parts.


Meet some of our suppliers!

Rebel Nell Suppliers

Our efforts were successful and we’re excited to have turned this tremendous corner. While we have made huge strides, we still have some moves to make. We’re committed that, by the end of 2021, 90% of our manufacturing suppliers will be women-owned and/or women-empowering organizations locally and abroad. Further, our high standards of quality will be maintained.  As we launch our new collections this year we welcome you to enjoy the beauty of your one-of-a-kind piece and join us in celebrating the fact that your piece of Rebel Nell is not only helping empower women in Detroit, but all over the world.

With Love,
Amy Peterson
CEO, Rebel Nell

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