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Aid For The Rebels


To our fierce Rebel Nell & T.E.A friends & family, 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our business and the women we employ, educate & empower in ways that we could never have anticipated. At this time, we’ve temporarily suspended production and pivoted our programming to virtual connections, given the restrictions enforced to keep everyone safe. This is a nerve wracking time for all of us, but we are confident that with the love and support of all of you we can make it through with our heads held high.

We cannot begin to explain the frustration we feel seeing our hardworking employees, who are already in vulnerable positions, forced into another round of financial hardship. We humbly ask for your assistance during these challenging times. Our goal is simple: we need to sustain our team's financial well-being in order to give them and their families a chance to stay on track towards independence. 

To date, we’ve weathered the initial storm by providing all staff 100% of their planned pay through the end of this week. Given the current state, we are forced to consider unemployment or the Workshare Program starting next week. This will only cover a portion of their lost wages. We are working very closely with our non-profit arm T.E.A., and local, state, and federal programs to help our team, but there is still a large gap that we need to fill. With the uncertainty of how long this will continue, we are coming to you for support. Some of our team members are new hires and don’t qualify for unemployment, these women are the most vulnerable and in greatest need of our help for support and lost wages during this time.  As rising costs of food, reduced public transportation and lack of supportive resources continue to impact the women we serve, we are doing our best to step in and offer this assistance in addition to our regular supportive services during this time.  

We know this crisis will likely impact you and your family. Know we are right there beside you. If you are able, we ask you to also consider your Rebel Nell family as you plan your giving. Through your support, you’ve expanded our team members’ access to resources and have been an integral part of their success. Your role in their network is more critical now than it ever has been. 

How can you help? There’s a few ways to help raise the necessary $16,000 monthly strain we now face for wages…

  • ALL purchases made at from March 23rd thru the end of April 2020 will go directly to wages during the crisis and beyond. Every purchase helps!

  • Spread the WORD! Please share our fundraising site with your network, whether it be via email, text or social media. You are how we’re going to grow our story!

  • Send a virtual message of love and support to our team via video or photo.  You can send it to and we will make sure to pass it along.

On behalf of our entire TEAM - Azzie, Afi, Alicia, Amanda, Bianca, Danielle, Keri, Monique, Nicole, Taylor, Tonia, thank you for your continued support. We promise to get back to work as soon as humanly possible! 

All the love & gratitude, 

Amy and Diana

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