Karen: Our First Graduate

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Seeing women succeed is at the very heart of Rebel Nell. We exist solely to be that transitioning point for disadvantaged women in Detroit, so watching them achieve the goals and dreams that they have set for themselves is what keeps this company going. That being said, we were proud to celebrate our very first graduate earlier this summer, Karen!

Karen is one of our original team members, beginning work with us in December of 2013. Her humor and guidance lit up the studio everyday and solidified the family bond that we have with each other. When co-founders, Amy and Diana, first met Karen, they instantly fell in love with her personality and knew that she would be a great addition to the Rebel Nell team.

The pieces Karen created are certainly distinctive, with many vibrant colors and funky shapes. When asked what inspired her when creating the jewelry, she said that she loved to create pieces she knew customers would feel a strong connection with, including a pendant shaped like a shoe that found its way to The Peacock Room in Detroit.


We asked Karen about her time at Rebel Nell and the topic that came up most was family. Having the whole team in the studio together every week, including children and pets, is what she will miss the most. This feeling of family is what Karen feels transformed her the most during her time at Rebel Nell. She said, “In the beginning we were only acquaintances, and now, we are family. No matter where we go in life, we will remain family.”


One of Karen’s favorite memories of Rebel Nell is one of our team member’s young son acting as the official tour guide for any visitors that came by the studio. She said she is always “amazed by his performance and (he is) willing to buy his first suit for the job.”


Karen is optimistic about her future and her career, which is working in the criminal justice system with formerly incarcerated individuals to connect them with the resources they need to become productive members of society. She hopes to become a business owner in this field. Also, Karen and Rebel Nell are still working together to help her become a homeowner.


We could not be more proud of the progress and success Karen has achieved. She plans on making time to come back to the studio every now and then to create a few pieces, spend time with the team, and of course, fill the studio with laughter and “GURRRL!”


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