Designer Spotlight: Patricia


No one does innovation and creativity quite like Patricia. From her unique personal style to her dedicated attention to detail, she lives out a desire to create. Her mind is always turning with ideas for new things, and her drive to make them happen is even more inspiring. With Patricia's recent promotion to Production Manager, we took some time to reflect on all she has accomplished and what drives her to succeed. 

As one of our very first creative designers, Patricia says that starting with a company that was just trying to get its footing mirrored many of the feelings she was having in her personal life. At a time when circumstances had led her through some difficult personal situations, she was ready for a “new start.” This desire to grow through a fresh start was a perfect match for the co-founders Amy and Diana and their innovative social enterprise, Rebel Nell.

“Don’t think success is not for you.”

These are the wise words that Patricia wishes she could tell her past self. She says that when she joined the team at Rebel Nell, the thing that she felt more than vulnerability or uncertainty was a strong desire for it to work. For any startup, this desire is crucial for the success of the company, but it is even more important for growth on a personal and individual level. For her, starting from scratch was the best way to flow freely and have hope for the future.

Patricia was instantly drawn to the role of Quality Control Specialist as a way to exercise the more analytical and meticulous part of her mind. She says that her creative side is always working hard, so it’s a nice change of pace to work on something that gives her a chance to focus. She pays special attention to each piece that goes through our studio, making sure that every single detail showcases the unique features of the graffiti. 

“I can’t turn the creativity off.”

Her passion to create leads Patricia to look at everything she does, even the simple everyday tasks in life, as works of art. The artist in her uses the raw creativity in whatever way she feels, whether that be through painting, crafting, or even getting dressed in the morning. This passion, matched with the empowerment from her team members, has also led her to create her own lifestyle brand, which includes handmade jewelry, clothing, and home decor.

“I don’t feel alone.”

Patricia says that watching the company grow from the beginning helped her develop not only as a woman, but also as a parent, business owner, and friend. Reflecting on how far she and Rebel Nell have come, Patricia notes that even though the progress was slow and gradual, it was incredibly significant. We could not be more proud of the progress Patricia has made and the way she incorporates her creativity into everything she touches. Her strong desire for success and imaginative input has helped shape Rebel Nell into the company it is today.


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