Designer Spotlight: Brittany

Positivity. Inspiration. Humility.

Those are three words that describe one of our newest creative designers, Brittany.

Brittany’s addition to the Rebel Nell team has been nothing short of incredible, as she brings motivation, strength, and of course, humor to the studio each and every day. Her presence instantly brightens up the room, and her creativity and ambition inspires her fellow team members to do the very best they can.

Brittany started at Rebel Nell in July 2015. When she first joined the team, she found herself in a place of confusion about who she was supposed to be -- and more importantly, who she wanted to be. Past experiences that led her to Rebel Nell had left her feeling unsure of herself, but she was met at the door by what she called an “abundance of love.”

“One of the most important things I have learned is what it is to be humble.”

She says the confidence she feels today was built on the fact that since day one, her team members at Rebel Nell believed in her immediately. She said, “When someone believes in you that much, you have to start believing in yourself even more.” Brittany talks about the encouragement she felt to do more -- saying that the strong foundation she had at Rebel Nell has helped her find her direction and realize that “being down is not always a down.”

Brittany used her strong foundation and confidence to start her own baking business, B Sooo Good. Her lifelong passion that started when she was around 10 years old, cooking with her aunt and grandma, has transformed into something that she did not believe she was capable of at first. But she’s not done yet. Even as Brittany takes pride in her cooking and the business she’s made of it, she says that she has even bigger dreams for herself in the future.

“Even at the shelter, I tried to give the people around me a sense of hope.”

Before Rebel Nell, Brittany was striving to motivate those around her with her strong work ethic and her desire to push people to make themselves better. She says “You have to be willing to put in what you want everyone to get out,” which is just one of many examples how she is an amazing team player. In everything she does, she knows that there may be someone in a situation similar to her own that needs a role model -- and she is always prepared to take the lead.

“Without a team, there is no Rebel Nell.”

It’s safe to say that Brittany feels right at home in our studio, and while she creates some seriously beautiful jewelry pieces, it’s the people that hold priority for her. Brittany has learned a lot about what it means to run a business, and how important it is to invest in the people you work with. Brittany hopes that one day she leaves Rebel Nell even better than she found it, ensuring that the new members of our team feel welcomed and empowered to follow their passions.

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