#IAMREBELNELL Celebrates Women's History Month

Rebel Nell was founded with the intention to employ, educate, and empower women with barriers to employment in Detroit. Our goal is to encourage and support the women we serve in order for them to pursue a life of self-reliance over one of dependence. Over the past 7 years, those who have walked through our doors exemplify heart and individuality and to honor our message and our community, we created the I AM Collection. Forged through powerful determination, our jewelry is a testament to the woman who created it, declaring, “I am one of no other kind.” 


This collection serves as a simple yet effective mantra that best represents who you are on the inside. We could not think of a more perfect time to bring the focus back to this collection than that of Women’s History Month, as a means to honor our team and our fierce supporters who are their very own rebels.


During this month as we celebrate women's achievements, we hope that by encouraging our team to be true to who they are,  it will allow you to do the same.


Whether you identify as Strong, Unique, Fierce or are proud to be from Detroit, who you are matters and we want to hear from you and your why.


So, come along for this journey. Because like our team, you are a true rebel with a cause.
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