Fierce Like Azzie

We are so happy to announce that our beloved Production Manager, Azzie, is graduating from Rebel Nell! When we find ourselves in a bind, Azzie's the one who holds it all together and gets it done. Azzie has worked with us for five years and started as a Creative Designer and worked her way up. We couldn't be more proud of her and wanted to share more of her story with you all. 

Rebel Nell repurposes graffiti into jewelry, how has this concept influenced you to thrive in other aspects of life? 

Graffiti is rebellious in itself. Through the many processes it goes through it still holds up. Even though it may chip in areas, you can still mend it back together and create something breathtaking! Through all of my ups & downs some processes were and are not easy. No matter what life chips off of me I pick myself up and mend my life back together one piece at a time. I continue to thrive and manage to still see the beauty in life.

What are some core values of leadership that you believe can lead women to success? 

Loyalty, integrity, perseverance, open mindedness and confidence

Since working with women from all walks of life, how have the connections you’ve made shaped your definition of empowerment? 

I can now define empowerment as taking the time out to analyze what he or she is in need of and aiding them in the right direction. Sometimes it's just a hug & some encouraging words.

What is the message or feeling you want people to carry on when wearing a piece Rebel Nell? 

They should feel unique & like a rebel! The women that create the jewelry are unique & bad ass rebels!

When you’re in the zone, what are some of your favorite songs to listen to? 

African heat and Jamaican vibes on Spotify! The ravishing beat of the drums take me away and I fall into my creative zone.

What are some of your favorite memories at Rebel Nell?

Oh my god there's so many! Well, just to name a few cooking breakfast for the women, doing arts and crafts with the kids, all of the great empowering speakers and when I was able to make someone feel better.

What will you miss about Rebel Nell? 

Creating what I want and the whole team from the front to the back of the house making it happen when we were swamped with orders. It's something about a plan coming together that makes me feel damn good! As far as missing someone, I will not have to miss them. We are family!

If you were to organize a virtual brunch on Zoom, name 3 influential figures you would invite?

Oprah, Jill Scott & Joyce Meyer

What’s a quote you live by? 

"Still I Rise"

-Maya Angelou

What are you most excited about when you think about your next steps? 

Becoming an entrepreneur! I'm ever so grateful that I was blessed with so many talents & gifts.

Watch Azzie in action, as she creates a one of a kind Rebel Nell statement piece

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