Celebrate Detroit's Spirit with the Detroit Necklace Collection!

Celebrate Detroit's Spirit with the Detroit Necklace Collection!

We're thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our lineup: the revamped Detroit Necklace Collection. Dive into the heart of the Motor City's vibrant energy with our unique and striking pieces that embody the essence of Detroit's spirit. Let's explore what makes these necklaces an absolute must-have for anyone passionate about this dynamic city.

Capturing Detroit's Vibrant Spirit:

At Rebel Nell, we understand the pulse of Detroit like no other. Our Detroit Necklace Collection is a celebration of the city's rich heritage, resilience, and vibrant culture. Each charm in this collection tells a story, echoing the spirit of iconic landmarks and collaborations that define Detroit's identity.


Sport Collaborations:

One of the highlights of our Detroit Necklace Collection is the incorporation of charms inspired by our dynamic sports partnerships. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the Detroit Lions, cherish memories of Joe Louis Arena, or have a special connection to Comerica Park or The Palace, we've got you covered. These charms serve as tokens of pride, allowing you to carry a piece of Detroit's sports legacy wherever you go.


Embracing Detroit's Artistic Soul:

In addition to our sports collaborations, our collection also features charms crafted from classic Detroit graffiti. These pieces pay homage to the city's thriving street art scene, where every mural tells a unique story and adds to the colorful tapestry of Detroit's landscape. By incorporating Detroit graffiti into our necklaces, we celebrate the creativity and individuality that define the Motor City.

Styling Tips:

For an edgy yet sophisticated vibe, layer the Detroit Necklace with our Amy Necklace and accessorize with the bold elegance of our Miccael Ring and Megan Earrings. Mix and match pieces from our collection to curate a style that reflects your individuality and showcases your unique flair. With Rebel Nell, your fashion journey is limitless, and every ensemble tells a story as vibrant as the city that inspires us.

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