2018: A Year in Review

It is hard to believe that we are closing out our 5th year in business. 2018 was a year of tremendous change and growth for our small, but mighty company, and also for me personally.  I felt a tug inside of me for many years that I constantly denied or quieted, but I couldn’t fight the feeling anymore. In August of 2018, I took the giant leap of faith to commit all of my efforts to Rebel Nell full-time.  I left the sports world behind to try my hardest at growing our company to a nationally recognized brand, and to help as many as possible.  There is a giant hill in front of us, but with my incredible team by my side I am confident we can accomplish greatness.  Looking back at 2018, here are some of my highlights:

  1. We hired our 20th woman out of shelter living since we opened our doors in 2013.
  2. We have transitioned our 9th woman into the traditional workforce.
  3. We collaborated with Ford Motor Company Fund to create a special collection from Michigan Central Station that raised over $35,000 for local non-profits.
  4. We moved to our new home and quickly became a part of the Ponyride family and community.
  5. We launched our corporate Team Building Program in September.  We hosted over 15 companies to do empathy training and jewelry making.  It is incredibly well received and we look forward to hosting many more companies in 2019.
  6. Education continues to be a cornerstone of our company.  In 2018, we launched T.E.A. our non-profit arm to provide even more education and support for the women we employ.
  7. In October, we did a pop-up in Nordstrom at Somerset Collection, making it our first ever pop-up in a major retailer. 
  8. With the assistance of the Michigan Women’s Foundation, Rebel Nell secured scholarships to a local women’s leadership camp.  The opportunity to attend the camp was provided to the daughters of Rebel Nell’s Creative Designers to empower the next generation of women.
  9. Our end of the year holiday party was the largest ever!  It is so much fun to watch our family continue to grow and expand.
  10. At this point, we know what you are thinking, “When do you have time to make and sell jewelry?”  Staffed with a fantastic team, we make it happen.  We saw a 20% growth in revenue.   We hope to double that number this year and are working to expand our line and product offerings.

We have accomplished a lot this year, but our proudest moments are highlighted by watching our Creative Designers grow into confident and determined women.  As they continue to develop their skills while working at Rebel Nell, they have each found a niche of the business that resonates with them.  We look forward to cultivating their strengths and encouraging them to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. 

Thank you for your continued support of Rebel Nell as we strive to improve the lives of women for years to come. Your purchases really do make a difference!

Much love,

Rebel Nell Co-Founder + CEO

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