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Divot Tool | Metal Alloy

Divot Tool | Metal Alloy

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In golf and in life it’s the follow-through that makes the difference. When you’ve got a little farther to go to make the shot, our divot tool has your back. Hold your place with the removable marker, use the divot tool to repair the green, and follow it up with a solid swing.

On the green, there’s no better way to accessories than with a piece to hold your green! We love our divot tool on the course with a Jayson Dog Tag.

Since 2012, Detroit City FC has established itself as one of North America's most talked about soccer teams. Their grassroots organization works to satisfy the market for soccer in Detroit, represent the city in a positive light, and build community through soccer. Detroit City FC is dedicated to supporting the city of Detroit and building community through partnerships and philanthropy—living their motto—"Passion for our city. Passion for the game." 

The team's nickname is Le Rouge, a reference to the River Rouge that flows through Detroit and many of its suburbs. The fleur-de-lis motif emblazoned on their uniforms pays homage to France, who founded Detroit in 1701.

Read more about our collaboration with Detroit City FC and the process of making this collection here.


METAL Silver plated metal alloy with DCFC engraved Fleur de Lis logo on back

MATERIAL Paint from the community mural at Keyworth Stadium

SIZE 82mm x 29mm divot tool + removable 25mm marker

Each piece is crafted in Detroit by the Rebel Nell team of Creative Designers. We embolden our team to use their artistic vision to create pieces that are ONE OF NO OTHER KIND. By repurposing meaningful materials into wearable art, we mark life’s important moments and connect them to your personal journey. Learn more about how your purchase supports our mission here.
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