Bianca Bracelet | Silver
Bianca Bracelet | Silver

Bianca Bracelet | Silver

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A little color and a lot of life! Bianca knows that the best way to live is by believing in herself and following the mantra “No one is you and that is your power.”

Our Bianca Bracelet is best worn as a reminder of your inner strength. We love it stacked with more Bianca Bracelets to add more color to your look!

Cincinnati is home to the first professional baseball team, formed in 1869, which would later be known as the Cincinnati Reds. The existing Reds ballpark has served as the home stadium for the Reds since 2003. This exclusive collection is created from banners that have welcomed visitors to see the Reds play in seasons past. Proceeds from this collection benefit the women and girls initiatives supported by the Reds Community Fund. The Reds Community Fund is proud to partner with Rebel Nell on this special collection.

Because you are receiving a one of a kind item, the piece you receive may look slightly different than the one pictured. 

|METAL Sterling silver

MATERIAL Banner flags from the home of the Cincinnati Reds + woven nylon cord

SIZE 6mm charm

ADJUSTABLE CORD 2 to 2.6 inches in diameter

COLOR Red + burgundy

Each piece is crafted in Detroit by the Rebel Nell team of Creative Designers. We embolden our team to use their artistic vision to create pieces that are ONE OF NO OTHER KIND. By repurposing meaningful materials into wearable art, we mark life’s important moments and connect them to your personal journey. Learn more about how your purchase supports our mission here.

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