Our Team


Co-Founder and CEO

Amy is our fearless leader. She's the driving force behind Rebel Nell and the reason we keep pushing forward. She has the world's biggest heart and is always eager to help those in need.


Co-Owner and Director of Sales and Marketing

Julia does it all. She's the lady who keeps the wheels moving and the emails answered. She brings a big smile and a "no problem" attitude to the team. Without her, we wouldn't survive.


Co-Director of T.E.A.

Keri's everyone's best friend. She's genuinely interested in learning about people and figuring out how she can have a positive impact on their lives; making her the perfect person to run our non-profit. She also brings the guacamole and starts the dance parties!


Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Taylor's the smartest of us all. Regardless of what's thrown at her, she just gets it. When it took us months to learn how to tweet effectively, we turned to Taylor. She's now our social media guru. As a fluent Spanish speaker, she is also our tutor!


Production Manager

Britt joined our team during our busiest season of the year (the holidays) and has been a blessing ever since! With her creative and thoughtful eye for design - Britt never says no to a challenge and never fails to turn a product concept into reality, always exceeding expectations.


Shop Assistant

Jayson is arguably the person that made us feel like a “real” jewelry company. At only 17, this gem taught us soldering skills, how to cut production steps, and introduced us to the wonderful world of dog memes. Although he’s now back at College for Creative Studies finishing his education, we can’t wait to see what his future holds.


Creative Designer

Perhaps the most musically inclined (and talented) one of our bunch Brenda is always the one to break the silence in the best possible way. She’s a tall drink of water and an amazing mom to four equally amazing kids, but if you’re not careful she’ll probably steal your snacks.


Creative Designer

Nechelle is EASILY the most kind-hearted person you will ever meet. She welcomes each new team member as if you’ve been a part of our family forever, and is incredibly patient in teaching our craft. Her flexibility, persistence, and positivity in even the tightest situations inspires us every damn day.


Creative Designer

Alicia is the strong, silent type that brings an incredible peace to our studio. She’s a diligent and focused worker but don’t let her seriousness fool you, she will crack jokes or sneak a goofy look your way when you least expect it.

The Graduates


Creative Designer

Brittany has the most positive outlook on life. While working with us, she had a way of rallying the team and getting everyone to work toward a common goal. Brittany took our entrepreneurship classes seriously and started two businesses of her own...a home health care company and a sweet treat business.


Production Manager

Azzie is the life of the party. With her sharp wit and larger than life personality, she often has us rolling on the floor laughing. When we find ourselves in a bind, Azzie's the one who holds it all together.


Production Manager

Patricia is the most creative person we've ever met. She has the unique ability of transforming discarded materials into the most beautiful works of art. With us since the beginning, she has proven herself invaluable.


Creative Designer

Karen is the original Rebel Nell badass. She's super sassy and doesn't put up with excuses. While a part of Rebel Nell, she was our den mother. We're incredibly proud of Karen, she's now working hard to provide resources to returning citizens.


Creative Designer

Claudine was our very first hire from a refugee support organization called Freedom House Detroit and we could not have asked for a better match! Despite speaking very little English (and us speaking zero French!) Claudine caught on very quickly to our jewelry making process, came every day with a big smile, and even taught us a little French!


Creative Designer

 Eonka is soft-spoken, but has a huge heart. She loves children, taking care of others, and is the biggest Lions fan we know. True to her passion, she is now working in elderly care.


Creative Designer

Mykira is incredibly hard-working and dedicated. When she was employed by Rebel Nell, she worked tirelessly while also supporting her children and a second job. She's now working in the home health care and automotive industries.