Comerica Park

Comerica Park

The Boys of Summer are back in Detroit at Comerica Park! We are excited to announce a new collection of jewelry and accessories made from material sourced from the Detroit Tigers’ home dugout, giving fans a chance to bring home a piece of the magic of baseball this season.

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Dugout Collection

The Detroit Tigers have deep roots in the history of Detroit. On April 24, 1901, the Detroit Tigers took the field at Bennett Park for their first official American League game. For almost 100 years they played at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Trumbull Avenue “The Corner” in the Corktown neighborhood. Over the years, two stadiums had been built for the Tigers in the same location—Navin Field and Briggs Stadium which over the years would come to be known as Tiger Stadium. The year 2000 saw the beginning of a new era as the Tigers were welcomed into their new and current home, Comerica Park.

The new ballpark, built in downtown Detroit, broke ground on October 29, 1997, as part of a larger city revitalization plan that included the construction of Ford Field. With a field that’s 25-feet below street level, the ballpark nestles into the neighborhood and affords visitors great views of the game and the surrounding historic architecture.

Visitors to the state-of-the-art ballpark are greeted by a popular photo op—a 15-foot roaring tiger statue at the main entrance. There are eight other super-sized tigers that prowl the park, including two that perch on the scoreboard, eyes glowing; growling echoes through the park with every home run. Walk the brick perimeter of the ballpark and you’ll find 33 tiger heads, each with a glowing baseball in their mouths.

Roaring Tiger

Named Comerica Park through a naming rights deal with a bank that was founded in Detroit, but has since moved its headquarters to Dallas, the first pitch was thrown out on a snowy, blustery 36° day on April 11, 2000. Since then, the 41,083-seat stadium has played host to an All-Star Game, two World Series, one no-hitter and countless concerts and events, including, Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffett, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, N’SYNC and Detroit locals Kid Rock and Eminem. Over the years the ballpark has even been outfitted to host international hockey and soccer events.

Comerica Park is currently the only ballpark in the MLB to feature a distinctive dirt strip between home plate and the pitcher's mound. This strip, sometimes known as the "keyhole", was common in early ballparks, but is rare in modern facilities. Additionally, the home plate area is in the shape of the home plate itself, and not a standard circle. The Tigers became the first MLB team to hire a female Greens Keeper when Heather Nabozny joined the organization in 2000.

Another interesting bit of history is the Home Dugout at Comerica Park which is the centerpiece of Rebel Nell’s newest collection. Each team is allowed to choose whether they want the first base or third base side to serve as the home dugout at their ballpark. Legend has it that Managers used to coach third base, so old stadiums (or old franchises with a sense of tradition) supposedly put the home dugout on the third-base side. This may be why the Tigers used the third-base dugout at Tiger Stadium and still do at Comerica Park.

While the unique 2020 Season is underway, Rebel Nell is happy to bring a piece of baseball magic to the fans through a new collection of jewelry and accessories made from material sourced from the Detroit Tigers’ home dugout. Rebel Nell is proud to collaborate with the Detroit Tigers to produce the limited collection, allowing enthusiasts to be part of the game and proudly represent their beloved baseball team and city. The Dugout Collection includes items such as tie bars, cufflinks, earrings, necklaces and wine stoppers, ensuring a bit of history is a part of each piece. A portion of proceeds from this collection benefit the Detroit Tigers Foundation, an affiliate of Ilitch Charities. Take home your piece of history today.



Dugout Collection