"Employees learn financial management, life wellness and entrepreneurship, as well as get a paycheck. They teach people as well as employ them so there are all the tools to go on to a new chapter of their lives."
Detroit's Rebel Nell helps women find their way out of the cycle of poverty
NBC Nightly News - July 01, 2019
"It sometimes takes time for a woman to realize the power she holds. Eventually, the women at Rebel Nell will learn to breathe again, and they'll graduate out into the world whole."
You Can Wear Pieces of the Motor City
American Way - October 01, 2018
"Most people wouldn’t think twice about an old piece of graffiti they see lying on the sidewalk. Amy Peterson and Diana Russell aren’t most people."
This Jewelry Company Gives Gorgeous New Life to Old Graffiti
The Huffington Post - September 21, 2016
"Beautiful as the slightly circuitboard-esque, marble-effect pieces are, it’s the company’s triple-pronged impact that really stands out. "
How This Jewelry Brand is Truly Helping Detroit
Refinery 29 - July 05, 2016
"We pride ourselves on being a sustainable social enterprise that supports not only the wages of the women we hire, but also the programs to help with their success. "
How Rebel Nell is Empowering the Women of Detroit Through Graffiti Jewelry
Forbes - April 20, 2016
"The resulting pieces are extremely beautiful and uniquely Detroit - so is the way this whole business got started."
Rebel With a Cause
Michigan Radio - August 05, 2015
"Where some people might see urban decay, Amy Peterson saw opportunity and today she is the co-founder of Rebel Nell."
Jewellry Made From Urban Decay
BBC - March 18, 2015
EY Entrepreneur of the Year: 2016 Michigan and Northwest Ohio - June 24, 2016
Gingras Global Social Enterprise Sustainability and Standards Achievement - April 15, 2015
Martha Stewart American Made Awards: Honorable Mention - November 07, 2014
Rosyln S. Jaffe Awards: Honorable Mention - October 03, 2014
Detroit Soup: Citywide Soup Winner, Ponyride Soup Winner - July 07, 2013
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